Eco-Tourism in Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Jun 15

What is Eco-Tourism & how to be a part of it.

Maharaja Suite wooden Lobby

Eco-Tourism is a collective effort of combining community, preservation & sustainable exchange of goods and services.We at Royal Swiss Cottage, Chail are amongst the few who are actively implementing these ideologies

Giving Back more than we can take

This peaceful getaway is spread across 2 acres of which only 2% is occupied by the cottage which accommodates guests and visitors to stay

Support Local

We employ locals with specific talent. One of the most loved staff member is Mr. Raju who is very famous for cooking Veg & Non-Veg meals. Our Reviews on online can give you more insights about the taste of the food he cooks.

To reduce the power load on the environment we have installed govt. certified solar panels.

Giving Positive experiences

We Respect by introducing environmental & cultural awareness amongst our valued guests to local people and their life style.

Financial Benefits

We help local people to introduce their product to our guest so that they can gain

financial benefits as well.

We have been successfully delivering memorable experiences to our guests since 2018 and work in a partnership to create empowerment.

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