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About Your Hosts

The Story of Royal Swiss Cottage and we the hosts.

Kings' Suite
Photo By Aditya Sen

A mountain chalet located right in the lap of a bird sanctuary surrounded by Deodar Trees facing a giant walnut tree.

We hosted our first guests from Delhi,NCR on 25th may 2018, we mark it as the beginning of this beautiful journey.

My name is Kanishk Sen and I am your host at Royal Swiss Cottage. I completed my schooling from Shimla & graduated from BVP Pune 2014. I declined to work for corporates and instead I taught myself the art of graphic Design, Project management & Digital Marketing and became an expert in Designing & SEO. Whenever I am not attending my guests you can find me working on some project related to my skills.

At the property you will find me, Aditya, Mom, Dad and everyone's favorite Mojo. After working in major cities of India I am very grateful that I made a correct decision of

moving back to Himachal. At first I was very skeptical about moving back because i was addicted to daily hustle and bustle of city life but turns out it i was the best thing that ever happened to me. When ever I am in a creative block or not able to brainstorm I turn towards nature and one way or the other answers are revealed to me.

Aditya is my younger brother and is doing his masters in tourism. He is a certified skier and loves mountain biking.He takes care of management at the cottage.

Our Mom is a hindi lecturer in a Govt. School.She cooks fantastic madra which is the specialty of Chamba.

Our Dad has worked with giants like Airtel,GMR etc. He has an experience of 30+ years in the corporate world.

Our Guest have been showering us with their love and appreciation. Do read our reviews on Trip Advisor, Booking.com, MMT.

This is a lot that you can do at this place. My daily routine includes Meditation, workout, family time and space to follow my creative passions like playing Ukulele.

So I would like to invite you to our cottage and give us a chance to host you

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